Kinder Prep

Inspiring the love of new experiences.

The Incarnate Word Academy Kindergarten Prep Program is a five-day a week program with both half-day and full-day options. It prepares students academically, socially and emotionally for Kindergarten. Lessons include STEAM projects, problem-solving techniques, academic vocabulary, emergent reading and writing, and higher level thinking activities. The program is designed for 4-year-olds and young 5-year-olds, and is instructed by professionally licensed early learning educators with advanced degrees.

IWA Kindergarten Prep is uniquely designed to develop skills and transition students from home to school in a faith-based, safe, nurturing environment. The program provides a consistent schedule and routine to prepare students for Kindergarten. From the first day, the children learn what to expect and enjoy many fun activities while learning the necessary social and academic skills for increased success as they progress through their school years.

The IWA Kindergarten Prep Program includes large group instruction time that introduces letter sounds and sight words, the calendar, math operations, and helps to develop the students’ social and emotional awareness.

Science is also a focus with students participating in and observing science experiments and activities. Social studies activities include sharing the traditions and cultures of others.

IWA Kindergarten Prep focuses on literacy, math, self-regulation, and social activities. Independent and cooperative working and learning stations are included alongside whole group instruction, and the children in the all-day program participate in specialized courses such as Art, Computer, Music, Library, Physical Education and Etymology.

The program is designed to support parents with after school care available until 6:00 p.m. for full-day Kindergarten Prep students. The program instructors work with parents to set individual student goals and to provide differentiated instruction within the classroom.