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Transfer Family Parent Testimonial

I recently transferred my 6th grader to IWA. I was drawn to IWA because of its tradition of academic excellence – IWA has a strong reputation for preparing children well for the academic challenges of high school. I knew that IWA would provide my daughter with the skills she needs to be a successful student and would be ready for the challenges that lie ahead in high school and college. In each of her classes at IWA, the standards are high, and she is learning and producing work at a higher level than she had been. She is also being exposed to areas that are completely new to her, like computer programming. 


When we came to tour IWA, we were welcomed right away and felt like we were joining a community of like-minded parents, faculty, staff, and of course, the Sisters of the Incarnate Word. Every staff member, PTSU parent, and classmate that we interacted with was interested in getting to know our daughter and to welcome her, and us, into the IWA Community - this warm welcome made what might have been a difficult transition for all of us that much easier.


We elected IWA’s remote learning option for our daughter - the transition to learning online has been seamless, which was a pleasant surprise. We were assured that the IWA teachers spent the summer on professional development for hybrid teaching, and it shows! The teachers haven’t missed a beat, and our daughter feels like she is right in the classroom among her peers. The technology is great - when she raises her hand, the teachers see her immediately, they call on her and she can respond just like she is in the classroom. There has been no awkward lag time, freezing, or other issues.


Several kids in her class have reached out to welcome her to IWA and she regularly spends time with them (remotely) after school. This is such a relief to our family – of course, one of our fears in moving our daughter and having her learn remotely was that she would have trouble making friends, and happily, this has not been the case at all.


We have been absolutely thrilled with the transition to IWA. The quality of the education across the board, the friendliness of the community, and the support of her teachers have been nothing short of amazing!

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Heather Schmuhl '01

Director of Admissions & Advancement

440-842-6818 ext. 304