Kindergarten Prep

(5 full days or 5 half days)


The Incarnate Word Academy Kindergarten Prep, or Kinder Prep, programs are professionally designed to develop skills and transition students from home to school in a faith-rich, caring, and nurturing environment.  Led by licensed early-educators with advanced degrees, our teachers provide a consistent schedule and routine to give early learners the time and opportunity to learn at his or her own pace. From the first day, students will learn what to expect and enjoy many fun activities while learning:


  • Self-help skills

  • Social skills

  • Language arts skills

  • Math skills

  • Fine and gross motor skills


The Kinder Prep program is offered five days a week and parents can choose either a full or half-day option. The full-day program runs 8:00AM-2:00PM and the half-day program runs 8:00AM-11:30AM. Before and aftercare options are also available to support working parents. 


Letter sounds and sight words are introduced during our large group time which operates as a morning meeting and includes beginning reading skills,

calendar math, simple math operations, and more advanced early learning. A full-day preschool program provides ample time to explore and engage in

many lessons including:


  • STEM projects

  • Problem-solving techniques

  • Vocabulary

  • Emergent reading and writing

  • Higher-level thinking activities



The Kinder Prep preschool program benefits 4 and 5-year-old students by providing: 


  • An extra year of growing academically, emotionally, socially or physically in a safe, loving, and faith-rich environment prior to heading to Kindergarten.

  • Access to a robust curriculum that includes classes in Art, Computers, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish to inspire a love of learning

       throughout their time at IWA and beyond.

  • An opportunity to develop school-related skills that may help manage or lessen separation or social anxieties.

  • Early learners the opportunity to learn new concepts or master skills at their own pace.

  • Parents peace of mind knowing that they are making the right choice for their child’s academic future.  





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