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IWA Preparatory School

Grades 6-8

Includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.  We have an advanced and regular math track. All students graduate from IWA with a full year of Algebra 1 which affords the opportunity for honors Algebra 1, 2, or Geometry in high school.

Language Arts
Requires rigorous analysis of increasingly complex texts, including informational texts.  The Accelerated Reader program also offer differentiated independent reading practice to build students’ comprehension so they can then engage in higher level academic tasks.

Develops an understanding and appreciation of various genres of literature; incorporate higher level vocabulary into spoken and written language; identify and use all stages of the writing process to create a multitude of writing pieces for a wide span of audiences.

Hands-on learning coupled with the Science Fair project teach theory, real world application of science concepts, research, teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, and time management. 

Social Science
6th grade World Geography, followed by 7th grade World History and 8th grade American History.  Develops note taking, analytical thinking, hands on activities, primary source exploration, and APA style writing culminating in a research paper in 8th grade pertaining to the end 
of the Civil War. 


Tuition & Admissions Info

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